Thursday, May 7, 2015

No Longer Orphans

I lay in my bed and look to my left, and in the twin bed next to me is my almost teenage girl. Her wet hair is down and wavy. She lays there wrapped in a sponge bob blanket, laughing and showing me pictures of puppies in baskets and puppies on clotheslines.

 Today this girl giggled and laughed and hugged and gestured for me to sit next to her. This girl cuddled and held my hand in the car all day.  All things she hasn't done since being in America. She was waiting to let down her walls for the day she knew it was official, she really had a mom. And I am taking her back home.

I gave her the phone she left in California, the one she didn't want to take to Ukraine because she knew it would make her a target. Uploaded on her phone were candy crush, panda punch and a hairstyling game. In her phone there are 3 numbers; Kimmy, Adam and Sanya. The first thing she did when she got it was edit the names to read Mama, Dad, and Alex.


 Today did not goes as plan. (Shocking I know!) We woke up early and drove 2 hours to change Alex's Tax ID number but when we got there, they informed us that Alex needed to do it because he is "of age." The boy is 16 years old, how is that of age? We get back in the car to go get the kids. Apparently we need to bring Alex to get a Ukrainian in-country passport (basically like an ID card) so he can change his Tax ID number.

 We arrive at the orphanage and Alex has just started his championship soccer game. I walk into the double doors and there is Yana, waiting with her blue bag packed to the brim in the hallway, "Hi, Mom," she says cheerfully.

I was not suppose to be there for 3 more hours but she was ready anyways. Love that girl.

Roma starts the necessary paperwork to release the children, my children into my custody, while I take the large bag of donations into Yana's now empty room. I unload all the items, seeing only a few of the orphans that have become so close to, we leave most of the items underneath pillows and covers, so they are not as easily stolen from each other.

I tell the ones I do see that they are special and incredibly loved, I hug each of them and I discretely hand them 4 pairs of new panties/boxer shorts, and socks. The other things like hair brushes hair clips, and jerseys I just pass out. Yana helps distribute...but the entire time I am trying to get to Alex's game to see him.

 Torn between the duties to my friends back home and their children at the orphanage, and with my own sons last soccer game. Finally, I decide Yana can handle passing out the remaining things, when I start to hustle outside.

 However, the director had spoke to Roma and had headed out before me, knowing we were behind schedule and had to submit the passports today if we had any chance of leaving next week.

The game had ceased when I arrived, but Alex in full soccer gear comes running up smiling at me. "I need to change" as he starts to strip down the hallway into his room.

It was almost the perfect end to this chapter of his life. He was able to say good bye to his friends one by one on the soccer field, as well as the spectators (like a cute little brunette that still remains nameless.)

 We found out later that the orphanage won the game 3-0, which was probably the cherry on top.

My children will never be orphans again. And as I sat in the car with them and we drive to a million places, I am free from worry, I will never leave them to be orphans again. Never. I am bringing them home.
With Alex's head on my shoulder and Yana's hand in mine, I thank God for the blessings in my life. The ones across the country and the ones right beside me.
Through this entire journey, I have had to rely on God, trust in God and find comfort in God. He has given me peace, and grace, and understanding.
He has entrusted me and Adam with two more children. To love them and raise them to be loving people, who serve others and the Lord.
I am forever grateful and thankful for the blessings he has bestowed on us, including all of you.
You are all so beautifully uncommon and I am humbly thankful for each one of you reading this today, for following this journey. Thank you for praying for us, for donating to these children, my children. Thank you for allowing me to share this story with you.
You have blessed our family, and you have saved lives, mine included.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing these beautiful children home.

It was a bittersweet leaving today for all of us. Yana and Alex are leaving everything they know to a life that is so different.
As for me, I look into the eyes of the others that are staying, the ones that are too old to be adopted, or the ones that have not found their family that will love them forever. I give them a hug, a mothers' embrace. Praying for them all,  because not one of them deserve the life they are living.

"No, I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."

John 14:18

 As for the donations, I am not sure if they were all passed out, except the things that were sent especially for children from their host mommies.


  1. Thank-you Kim, for keeping us updated. Happy tears for you all.

    Just WOW !!

    Thank-you for keeping your blog updated. I hope you continue to tell how your kids are doing. i cry happy tears for you.
    I too have a heart for adoption, as i am an adoptive Mother of a 15 year old adopted son out of foster care. As a (now retired) pediatric nurse, got our son as a 2 month old. When his parents ,parental rights were terminated at age 2.5 years it was a no brainer.

    I am glad I could be a small part..

    Congratulations !! Janice, Inglis, Florida

    Adoption was planted in my heart as a young girl, as I had many friends that were adopted.

    1. God bless you and your entire family. It is so amazing how God uses us and molds us even so young. I remember a friend in kendergarten that was "adopted" and I jut thought it was so cool. God is amazing.

  2. Tears! You are such an incredible writer, Kimmy. I am so grateful that you share your journey here. Celebrating that the three of you are together now and I can't wait until the whole Klimas family is officially reunited.

    1. This was a happy blog Meghan. Thank you, you are also so gifted and i am blessed to call you my friend. See you soon.

  3. Wishing you all joy. :>

    What a blessing that your new children leave the orphanage full of confidence that they are going HOME.

    1. It is amazing. We are truly blessed. Thank you Kate for the well wishes.

  4. Two beautiful additions to your lovely family - a perfect fit. Thanks be to God and His perfect plan. Looking forward to the next incredible update. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and thanks much for the updates.

    1. I wasn't sure there was going to be one. I wanted to share it with Y and A and see how they felt. But Alex offered to take the pictures for it today so I guess I get to keep blogging (for now). Thank you for reading Jennie, i am thrilled to finally be with them :)