Monday, June 29, 2015

The Littlest Moments

The one thing people ask me the most, since Alex and Yana joined our crew, is "how is it having four kids?"

My reply is "we are doing good."

The truth is, life is usually mundane. The six of us get up, have breakfast, do something, have lunch, continue to do something, and then we have dinner. We end the day with reading stories and going to bed.
The next day, we do it again. We are living in the ordinary and common life but very uncommon at the same time. 

My mini van has transformed into a shuttle, picking up and dropping off all over North County San Diego.
One kid at camp, two kids at summer school, one kid at story time in the library, one kid at soccer, one kid will be going to ukulele lessons, one kid is at Kids Games, three kids at The BooHoo Crew concert, three kids at the 1 dollar movie, and one kid by the pool with friends.

We are just a typical suburban family of six.

I don't think about the idea of now having four kids or driving four kids or feeding four kids. I just do it. It isn't difficult, but I feel like it should be.  Especially because of the way people ask "how are you doing?" So concerned. Like I might just topple-over with exhaustion at any point during the conversation.
They sleep through the entire night, they are not newborns, so I get plenty of rest. Actually, Alex is 17, so he would sleep through the entire day if I let him.

Honestly, Yana and Alex are the easier ones of the crew, and have become such incredible helpers. I really am not sure how I got Elliot dressed before Yana, I mean her patience is remarkable.


God's in the Mundane.

But even in the mundane, God reveals so much beauty. Even in the mundane there are little moments where I get to stop and breathe and think to myself, that was really cool to witness. Such a gift to be a part of... And then I thank God for revealing the changes he is making in my children during the day to day.

Walking in from the garage door and watching Yana back up slowly until she is leaning her head on her dad's chest, and telling me about her day (It almost seemed like she didn't realized she did it until her head was there resting on his tie). Oh and the reaction on Adam's face, wide eyes glaring at me, as if saying is this really happening?

Or getting all the cousins together for Father's Day and watching them interact with one another. Not like strangers but family.  My shy niece  reaching her little hands up to be carried by her big cousin. 

Seeing a shocked Alex, when my mom surprised him with a birthday cake at our Father's Day dinner and then, seeing him look to me for a nod, indicating blow out the candles now, because he is unsure of the timing of it all. Or seeing his sweet face trying to hide his smile when receiving birthday presents for the first time, EVER!!!  

Sitting on a blanket in the hot sun with all my girls around me and screaming on the sidelines while watching my 17 year old son score his first goal while playing soccer on American soil.

Driving in the car, praying together for a white car driving recklessly on the main blvd. and having the prayer turn into Yana opening up and asking questions about God in my life. Having her tell me that every night she prays for Ukraine. 

Daddy having an interview and Yana telling us we need to pray for him. 
Does it get much better than that?

In all these moments, there's a sense of awkward to natural. A feeling of uncomfortable to normal. These things were not planned, they just happened and to see the tense feeling of the unknown melt away into a new experience, one we are all learning from, the sweetest moment hidden in the normal making it Godly.

He blesses us. He reaches us. He stregthens us. He knows us. And He changes us. 
God's true light shinning through us during the mundane.


"Why, even the hairs on your head are all numbered." Luke 12:7


  1. Thank you for posting! I always enjoy your updates so much. Have you read Sally Clarkson's books? They touch a lot on finding the holy in the mundane...good advice when we moms have "one of those days"! God Bless you and your family!

  2. No, our pastor just spoke about it a few weeks back and I am piggy backing on it. It's funny how so often o think changes in my kids will accompanied by huge moments with fireworks (and it can be) but usually God working in is everyday and then all of a sudden we are changed. I have to.finish my current book but I might have to read her next. Thank you!

  3. Tiny miracles are a blessing! I think it's wonderful that both Alex and Yana had birthday right after they came home. (Not like YOU planned it…but it feels PLANNED nonetheless. Yay, God!)

    Thank you for this happy glimpse of your new normal.

    1. I never even thought about that. God's timing is pretty awesome!!! Perfect timing😀