Sunday, November 1, 2015


Tradition: Each family member designs and carves a pumpkin. Totally worth the 3 dollars per person, giving every person a sense of accomplishment and independence for even the smallest of carvers. 
Adam and I celebrated being together for 12 years this month. I met him when I was 21, and over the time we have developed a road map of traditions we do during the holidays. Some of the Trutanich's and some of the Klimas' mix together to become one new family; an extension of the two.  After these 12 years we have many, many traditions that we celebrate without even discussing them. It's just what WE do.

Tradition: We love to decorate, from saving milk jugs for a month to make ghost that line the fence to creepy monsters in the front yard

But now, there is a new dimension, a unique aspect that is so wonderfully uncommon. Alex and Yana have joined our family and during this time they are beginning to experience those 12 years in the making. 
Yana and Alex's first pumpkin design.
Things that Lily and Elliot have grown up with, Alex and Yana have not. Things as simple as decorating their  home with spider webs and scarecrows, or craving pumpkins or Halloween carnivals, or trick or treating are all new.
We have the perfect neighborhood for trick or treating with all our family friends 

Going to our church carnival to get a jump start on the candy collecting and sugar high a few days before Halloween (just one of the 3 carnivals we went to  this year)
Beauty is beginning to boil. The wide eyes and humbled hearts of two children that lacked traditions because they moved orphanages too many times, or because they they never received a gift, or because they stop asking for things due to basic needs not being met, or because they had no one to care about them are embracing this time of the year.  
Tradition: We have a Halloween potluck where we serve tortilla soup 
Tradition: we take a picture of all the kids in costume in the front of the house. So cool to see how we keep multiplying.

A statement that was shared plays over and over in my ears."I don't know love, I from orphanage....I know angry, I know sad, I know mad." 
But I have hope.
"But hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he gave us." 
Romans 5:5

There is some much beauty and love shown in the Holidays. From someone asking "what do you want to be for Halloween?" to actually having a family to make it happen. 

Yes, there are struggles. Yes, there are bumps and bruises. 
Alex's costume, he really got into character :)
It's hard to be a mom to kids that don't know how to love. I pour into them and get little to no outward signs of appreciation back. I turn to the Lord and a ton of sarcasm to get me through the week, day, hour. But then I hear, thank you or I am sorry or I see the smallest smile on their lips and my mommy heart melts and I know God is continuing to guide me how to parent these kids. 

"Then you will call upon me to come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29:12-13  

God is so good, and His healing love is enough. I am blessed to be a part of His plan. I am blessed to be a witness of how He changes lives, how He changes hearts, how He shows love.
Tradition: Couple costume

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  1. Wishing you many joyful hearts as the holiday season begins. Thanksgiving! Christmas! What a time to be surrounded by thankfulness and love. They may be overwhelmed, especially by any big plans, but they will feel it. The "firsts" with older children are so magical. <3