Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The kids are on the airplane headed our way!

 Tomorrow is the big day.

I remember laying in a hospital bed holding a 6 pound peanut, a little over five years ago and talking with Adam, and saying "this little girl is the most amazing gift that we will ever know." But then it happen again, less than 2 years later, we had that overwhelming feeling which was almost exactly the same. Like I could not imagine loving anything in the world more than what I was holding. God’s plan for our lives, laid out for us to see. We are to be parents to these little girls... He has entrusted us to care for something He created. And we will do everything in our power to love them, help them, and protect them. Two different days,  that would change our lives forever. 

A friend told me on Sunday, “I feel like I am anticipating your due date!” 


Is it going to feel like it did at the hospital? Am I going to love these children as soon as I meet them? An overwhelming feeling of knowing that this is God’s plan for our lives, entrusting us with His creation (even if it’s for just a short while)... 

Or is it going to be a blur? Full of translators, and crowds, and rushing around, and airport traffic, so quick, a whirlwind, something that we are glad we just got through... 

Or is it going to be super awkward? Imagine us in the airport, waving two welcomes signs around as two exhausted teenagers walk up, who don’t know us, don’t speak our language and are wondering “Who are these weird American’s and why are they so ecstatic to see us?” 

The kids have not known that they were (definitely) being hosted until a week ago. They only know us from an introduction letter we wrote with our pictures on it.  I believe they gave it to them on the plane.

Our preparation was a bit more intense. There were the trainings.The time spent communicating with three different agencies. The hidden facebook information page. The yahoo group. The two and half hour webinar. The social worker visits. The fingerprints. The sign up sheets. The multiple forms we signed stating, yes, we will send the kids back to the Ukrainian, And no, we do not have mental health issues. 

But then there is the time spent looking at their pictures and praying as a family. Buying a mid-century modern dresser from craigslist for Yana’s room (it's super cute). Buying cheap Sponge Bob and soccer wall decals to make their bedrooms look more inviting. Going Russian grocery shopping, Perogies, YUMMO.  And of course cutting out English/Russian labels with my daughter’s Lily and Elliot and then taping them all over the house.

The preparation stage is almost over, and we can soon meet these kiddos that we have prayed for, planned for, and talked about to everyone we know and everyone we don’t. 

During this entire preparation process, I have witnessed God tug at so many peoples hearts... “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Phillippians 2:13

One facebook post and we had over 4 bags of hand-me-down clothes at our door step in a week. And the clothes continue to come in. We received another bag for Sanya on Sunday, and another bag for Yana tonight (randomly I ran into a friend at Chick-fil-a who was just driving it around in her car).

After emailing a women on craigslist to see if her bike that was listed for 20 dollars was still available? She told me yes and that we could just have it!  

We have also had so many people just give to us financially, something that has been a struggle for me to accept. But, I know the money is going to something bigger than me. "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble." James 4:6 

I have witnessed people "pick up" items at the store for these kids, simple things,  like deodorant and tooth paste. Just to be able to do something. 

Backpacks and suitcases, just given to us so we can pack up all these goodies, presents, and memories to send home with them. So they have something in this world that they can call theirs back at the orphange. So they have a reminder that there are people that know they are there and are praying for their future. 

Phone calls, text messages from people asking us what they can do. Letters coming in the snail mail saying that they are praying for these kids. 

These kids, who do not have a family to care for them, who are forgotten, abandoned, lost, and forsaken by this world, are not by God. I witnessed true giving from love and from hope. And I am beyond grateful for this experience.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. I have been blessed by each one of you.

I pray that the Lord takes away our fears. That we love/live through Him. That we trust in him, and praise him for all the blessings that he has bestowed on our lives and the lives of Sanya and Yana.

Bring on the kids!!!!

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