Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Different directions

Last week we had a beautiful person and friend spend a late afternoon with us. She shared her amazing talent. Stacey Winters, was able to capture so much growth and love, through a camera lens. She truly blessed us with these pictures. This has been a life changing summer, and one I will never forget. I am so grateful for the gorgeous pictures. Thank you Stacey! 

All the pictures from this post were taken by her. Please visit her website, here, she is a fabulous photographer and a phenomenal person.
Different directions:

I have found three gray hairs this summer,  one for every hat I wear, I guess? One for being a teacher,  one for being a wife and one for being a mother. With these titles come responsibilities and I am constantly pulled in different directions. 
This Wednesday, I have a meeting with my team, my daughter's preschool open house. Also,  my husband would like me to call a babysitter so I can organize the work room at his school. As well as take Alex to his final dental appointment during that exact same time. All on Wednesday. Not to mention a text I received asking, "Can Yana have a play date Wednesday?" It is busy, but awesome. 

So, we travel as a pack! To my classroom (me and 4 kids). To the dentist (me and 4 kids). To the grocery store (me and 4 kids). To Adam's work (me and 4 kids). 

...and the 4 kids, all wanting direct attention for me. 
Mommy, watch me! 

Keem look look. 

Mama, I need you.

Juggling is not a skill I have mastered, but one I continue to work on. It is such a blessing to pour on to these children the love of God. Filling their "love tank," as our pastor would call it.


I like to be planned, I like to be scheduled, I like to know what I am doing tomorrow, a week from today, and next year. 
A planner. A preparer. That is totally me. 

And...for the first time I wish I didn't know what I was doing a week from today.
Because a week from today I will be dropping off two of my children to be orphans again. Orphan children, each equipped with a donated backpack and a donated suitcase, soon to be filled to the brim with clothes, snacks, toiletries, memories, and love. 
So they can take back parts of their vacation. 
Parts of America back to the Ukraine. 

Back to their orphanage where little to no supplies are being given. Where the orphanage directors budgets have been cut because of the war. I am sending these children, that have become my children, to unstable country, much more unstable than when they left 8 weeks earlier. 
A country under attack.

 How can I send them back? No, I do not want to!

I know, I know...I have to trust, I have to have faith. I have to know that His plan is so much bigger than mine. 

But I can still be sad. And I can still cry. I can still be incomplete denial and think that some amazing miracle is going to happen. 

I have prayed that it will. I have prayed for something to cling to. I have prayed for scripture and God to comfort me.

Paths. Directions. Ways. 

Where do we go from here? Will we be pulled another direction? 

What happens after the 8 weeks are done? After we have opened our home, and our hearts and they have opened theirs?

I pray that God guides us and I pray for Alex and Yana to be comforted.  I ask that anyone reading this will please do the same.

Thank you,


  1. I found your blog via Amy from Tiny Green Elephants. My husband and I are praying about hosting this winter. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will be praying for you and your family and for Yana and Alex.

    1. Alicia, that is so awesome! I pray you do to because it had been such an amazing experience for my family. Thank you for reading the blog and for praying for these beautiful children. Lots of live, Kimmy

  2. Beautiful writing. I am praying that I can convince my husband to host this winter!!!

    1. Danielle, my husband thought it was just a crazy idea, but through this experience he is completely transformed, as we all have. He is in love with these kids. It is so cool to see him on the couch with all four bodies around him (the big and small). I pray that your family experiences the same love and growth we have this summer in winter. Thank you for reading.
      Lots of love,

  3. Kimmy
    you and Adam are 2 of the greatest people i know. The smiles in these pictures are pure love and a joy to see. Most would say you have been a blessing to the kids but i know you and Adam see them as a blessing to you. I know it kills you to see them go but the love they received from you has changed their lives for ever. I am praying with all my heart for that miracle. Have faith, God has a plan and is working it out whether we see it or not. Love you guys!!!! ps Can i be your host child next summer? I would like the pleasure of being with you guys for a month and feeling all that love you guys have to give!!!!