Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The mushroom hotel and court prep

Wow, well today was a whirlwind and I am not quite sure when today started and yesterday ended because in the last 36 hours I have had about 3 hours sleep total, all in little hour chunks. The flights was good, nothing unexpected. My mom, a United flight attendant for 32 years was very impressed with the Russian airline, Aeroflot. 
They give us blankets, slippers, face masks and even a cute sticker to put on that says "wake me for meals." Love it!  

After our 3 connection we finally landed in Kiev. All bags were there and Serge was waiting for us as we walked out of the large sliding doors from customs. He drove us to a smokey restaurant in Kiev to meet Igor as we waited for the necessary papers for court tomorrow. 

When the documents were in hand, ink signatures still drying, we were on the bumpy two and half hour drive to the region.
My mom and I slept for a bit, but woke up to Serge out of the car talking to a police officer on the driver side door. Not sure what happened or why, but after he showed something from his bag he let us all go. I asked Roma what happened, but I didn't really get a reply, just a shrug. Serge was back in the driver seat and we were off again. I really didn't care and were glad we were on the move,  it has been 30 hours of traveling at this point. Maybe I'll ask again tomorrow.

We finally arrive at the beloved mushroom hotel.
 Oh sweet home away from home! I have my same room with 1 bar of wifi only if I stand on my bed and reach my arm up to the small single window toward the restaurant across the parking lot.

After bringing everything to our rooms, Serge headed back to Kiev and the 3 of us (Roma, my mom and I) came to eat and talk about tomorrow, and court! Dun Dun, DUN.

Anyone who knows me knows I HATE talking in front of people, so....boy 
 do I need prayers!!! 
First off I am going to have to talk to a bunch of people and not 8 year old second graders, real live adults. 

A judge (new and very by the book), 2 jurors, 1 secretary, a facilitator, the SDA representative, the prosecutor, the inspector, the orphanage representative, as well as Alex and Yana. Oh and my mom can not come in and will have to wait outside for the hour process.

Since public speaking is not my forte, I'll be either shaking or crying, but right now I feel like it might be crying and shaking because of the sleep deprivation.

I have taken 5 pages of hand written notes on college ruled paper that I should "memorize" before tomorrow. Some things that do not even make sense to my fuzzy brain right now. 

Apparently the judge wanted Adam to be here this trip. He does not believe Adam has given me consent to adopt Yana and Alex, even though we have the correct documentation. Really?!? What wife adopts two teenage kids without her husbands consent? 

On a positively amazing note:
I get to see the kids tomorrow and so does their Grandma Noreen. We will be bringing them the clothes I bought them for court. They are going to look so cute.
 I'll take pictures!

God willing, if all goes well tomorrow, it's only 11 days until we get the court decree saying Alex and Yana are my kids. MY KIDS. My. Kids. 
So cool.

I learned more about my last trip and it seems like there are a ton of Monday holidays in Ukraine, which  means more time to process papers. I will know exactly tomorrow. This will extend the length of the third trip (again), more than originally thought.

I know it's all in His perfect timing, but I just want to be home with my kids, all my kids. Basically, I want my timing.

More tomorrow. Good night friends!

If you feel called to donate to help bring these amazing children home, please do so at our donation page. 


  1. Just channel your inner Adam. Maybe his public speaking gifts will magically transcend to you! Either way I will be praying. You know God is near you and this is all part of His great plan. One step closer to bringing your family together. Proud of you Kimmy Klimas. You've got this!

  2. You don't know me, but I'm praying for you in Kherson!

    (By the way, next month is the month of Monday holidays, and more. This May about half the month is non-working days. It's not usually quite so much.)