Thursday, January 22, 2015


In the copy room yesterday, I was talking to a co-worker. She asked me how I was, and I responded livin' the dream...which is my usual response to that question. 
Reality: Apple cider and 7 pm, we were in bed by 8:30
She made me laugh and think when she replied, I know I am your friend on Facebook.

It's funny because, that's not real life, at least that's not my real life. 
Facebook posts are the times when my family is actually getting along and not running down hallways or screaming because they don't have the pink plate. The times when my 3 year old has clothes on. There the times in my day/week when all is like the 2-5%. Reality is the other 95-98%.

As I look back on my posts, I noticed I portray our family as having it all together.  Why wouldn't we adopt, we all play cards on a Thursday night?!?
Reality: Elliot threw her cards like 3 minutes later, game over.

Well, let me give you a glimpse of the real life uncommon that is actually quiet COMMON (or should I say chaotic?).
Reality:I held Lily's hand up the entire time, look closely at her wrist (my hand)
Reality: The picture says it all
As I sit not even four feet from my children Tuesday afternoon around 2:00, after giving up on actually having them nap that day, I began to make copies of the 5th (yes, 5th) copy of our Dossier. Trying to make sure I have 3 copies of this form, and 4 copies of that form, but only two copies of the other form...when I hear a loud series of thumps and a cry.
"What happened?" as I look down the stair way...
My five year old put my three year old into their hamper and rolled her down the stairs.
A bandaid on a non-bleeding-booboo and one-kiss-from-mommy-later, Elliot and Lily were best friends again, for a second. Then one has the Rapunzel barbie and the other wants it. 
Who wants to watch TV until I can finish this?
Reality: This is like the 15th picture of these three
I can't believe they're trusting me with more kids.
What are we thinking?

It would be so much easier not to do it. 
I have kids, that are a handful, do I really need more? No. 
Is it easy to leave for almost 17-25 days in the middle of the school year when you are a 2nd grade teacher with 2 little ones at home? No.
Isn't it fun always asking for money from the same small network of people? No, quite possibly the worst part for me.
Then why? Why adopt a 12 year old girl and a 16 year boy?
These are actual quotes I have heard from people after telling them we are adopting two more. 

"You are such a nice family." Actually we are pretty normal, and totally imperfect even though my Facebook page tells a different story.

"They are so lucky." The last thing I would call Y& A is lucky. They have lived in an institution for almost all their lives. They have to move and leave everything they have ever known (their other siblings, their friends, their life). They will be part of a family with a parent that would have been 15 years old when Alex was born. They will have rules and obligations for the first time in their lives. Lucky would not be the word I would use to describe their situation. (A friend's blog about teenage adopted trials)
Reality: first and last time I have had coffee in bed

"Are they adopted too?" (referring to E&L) No, Lily and Elliot are our biological children, I am not adopting because I can not have my own. It's so much more than that.

"You must have always wanted a big family." hmmm, I guess.

"4 kids, that's a lot." Yup. That is a lot.

"Do they speak English?" They are from Ukraine, but they will learn.
This is what we are thinking...

This summer, 2 lives walked into our home. They stayed for 8 weeks. They cried, they yelled, they pouted, they ran away (tried to), they cooked, they cleaned, they sang, they laughed, they loved. 
Then they went home.
Two lives back in an orphanage.

You see, we are so blessed, we have been given the opportunity to change two lives for the better. To give 2 lives a future. To give two lives love.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13


We are adopting Alex and Yana because they are 12 and 16 and they need a home. We are adopting Alex and Yana because we are blessed and want to bless others. We are adopting Alex and Yana because they need and deserve love.  We are adopting Alex and Yana so they have a family and friends that will look out and care for them. We are adopting Alex and Yana because God has called us to be their parents. We are adopting Alex and Yana because the greatest is love.

We could have never done it without the amazing support of all our friends and family. 
I am amazed and humbled by the amount of love that our family has received and am so grateful. 

I guess my point is that we do not have to be a family livin' the dream to adopt. We just have to be a family that loves each other unconditionally; even when our 5 year old rolls our 3 year old down a flight of stairs and we do that.

Adoption update

As I wait on the one final form, clearance from USCIS, reality is setting in. My new reality, a soon-to-be mama of four. God is good.


Fundraiser time

We are having a 5k here in San Marcos. This Valentine's Day come run for Love. 
Just go on to our donation page, donate 25 for 1 runner or 45 for a family and in the message part write your t-shirt(s) sizes. And your registered. 

If you are out of town-ers, and still want to support us, you can buy a shirt the same way. Go to our donation page and donate 15 dollars but make sure you leave your email so I can get your address. All shirts traveling through the mail will have to wait until after Valentine's day. 
In the "O": "This shirt helped find a home for an orphan in Ukraine"

Thank you all so much!

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