Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To whom it may concern

A letter to a friend.

To whom it may concern,
  I know that your fear and anxiety over our choice to adopt is out of love for us. I know that you are afraid that we may never see you anymore because we will be growing from a busy family of 4 to a chaotic broken-English-speaking family of 6. I know our bills will go up, and I know that our opportunities to see you may be less.   
We have never talked to you about the reasons why we are adopting Yana and Alex, just defended your reasons why not to adopt.  

Do you want to know why?

Why are we spending free time tying pairs of shoes together and sorting through other peoples garage sale donations? Why we are going into local businesses collecting trinkets and gift certificates for silent auction items? Why we are working so hard to bring these kids, that we've only knew for a short 2 months, back to America? 
Well, it's because..
 there is so much evil in this world, so much bad. If we do not adopt these kiddos their  futures are very bleak. Statistics reveal, 10-15% of orphans after "aging out" of their orphanage around age 15-17, commit suicide before the age of 18. 60% of girls, YOUNG GIRLS, are lured into prostitution (human trafficking), and finally 70% of boys become criminals. No one deserves this type of life.   
I know Alex and Yana.  They are not ready to be adults, they are not ready to be on their own, to "age-out"of the system. They are not ready to live the life that I know God has chosen them to live. They have so much potential and strength, but, the world is stacked up against them. They will be a statistic if not adopted. Period. 

I understand the effects it will have on my family. I understand that it terrifies you to have me across the earth to "save" two children, and not be with Lily and Elliot. Please find comfort in the fact that it is only for a short time and I am not alone in this. 

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; 

do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God

 will be with you where you go."
Joshua 1:9

If there is any hope for a good life for them, it is for them to be adopted. For Alex to pursue his God given gift, for Yana to know that she is  absolutely beautiful, and strong and does not need anyone or anything besides God. There is hope for their life through adoption.

Mural Alex hand drew and painted on Lily's friend wall!

 For all orphans, no, children everywhere to have a loving family to support them, care for them, pray for them, be with them. 

I pray that you support this choice. I pray that you understand that this is God's plan in our lives. We are all called as people to love one another. 

That means giving of ourselves, our-whole-self. There is nothing in this world that I take when I die. So while I am here, I plan on teaching my family to truly LOVE, and give of themselves, their-whole-entire-selves and live like we should.  I will fall short of being this parent and it is easy to say this and hard to do, but.."Nothing is impossible with God."

I love you and I hope you now understand. 


Y&A update: Alex is back from camp, and broke his ankle playing soccer, or walking not sure but I know it was tripping on a rock. Yana is now at the "medical" camp, that Alex was at. 
Prayers please.


  1. We have been foster parents since 2010 in Virginia. I'm amazed how many well meaning Christians say to us, "I do know HOW you do it. I could NEVER do would break my heart." Well, it is heartbreaking, but the rewards are so great. And I think about the comparison of heartbreak that this innocent child has been to mine and it puts EVERYTHING into perspective. Blessings, Kim

    1. Thank you Kim, you are a true light for others. God will bless you and has blessed your foster child through your loving care. Lots of love, Kimmy