Saturday, October 4, 2014


Polar vortex and fire storms make me appreciate the good in life.

This is my rant, my pity party, you can stop reading now if you were hoping for warm and fuzzy today.
Trials, obstacles, unforeseen circumstances have really hit our wallet this week, or should I say savings account.  

Our fence blew down last May during the fires and of course, my husband just screwed the broken fence to the palm tree leaning against it as well as added a couple more braces. It was all good to go, or so we thought. But after our two dogs were able to knock down some of the boards and double their backyard space, our next door neighbors let us know that Monday,  Lowes was coming to build a new fence.
It's only money.
Elliot was helping with her own shovel and wheel barrow

While knocking down the fence, the workers noticed our 3 large palm trees made it "impossible" to build the new fence as it would lean against it. Ok, down they come.
It's only money.
Goodbye shade

Add a speeding minivan and a hiding motorcycle cop into the mix and a Verizon cell phone bill I thought was being automatically withdrawn since August.
It's only money.

And the kicker, a parking ticket today outside my school because we put the registration sticker on the wrong car a month ago, but we still have to pay 83.00 dollars for our mistake.

In times like these, I turn to sarcasm and God. And sometimes a little of both.

Really God? You know I just paid our Adoption Agency fees and the home study fees on Monday. You could have given me these trials before we wiped out our savings. I am not questioning your timing, but come on what is up with your timing?

Trust. One word pops into my head. Trust.
When Alex and Yana were here, Adam and I were very protective of their time and activities. If Alex wanted to stay up late, we were staying up too. If Yana wanted to take the dogs for a walk, we would take a walk too.
It took time for us to trust them. Trust.
Now, I never trusted them enough to try to drive a motor scooter, my brother tried that, but he had never seen Alex on a bicycle.

I have never heard my husband yell, but when he saw Alex sitting on my brother's girlfriend scooter, he screamed, "ABSOLUTELY NOT."

I ran from the kitchen to the front yard of my parents house to see what was all the commotion.
We pulled my brother to the side,
"I am going to have to agree with Adam. Absolutely not. I have seen Alex run into trash cans, parked cars and a bush while riding his bike, when there was nothing else on the road. This is probably not a safe idea."

After just one of many spills on his bike

But in time, as we learned more about our host kiddos, their strengths and abilities, we began to trust them in certain circumstances. We began to allow Alex to feel a little more independent, letting him ride his bike without me riding along side. I mean nothings cooler to a 16 year old, having a 30 something mommy in yoga pants biking along side you, but for some reason he didn't want me to come along. Hmmm.

Dork alert!

With any relationship trust is built through time.
 My trust in God continues as my walk with him.

"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
 but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."
Psalm 20:7
We are getting there...chug chug chugging along through this adoption process. Social worker visits under our belt, agency fees paid, paperwork submitted, passport expedited. My days off spent taking classes about medical, and behavior issues that may be expected when adopting "older" children.
We are so far and yet so close. When will they be home? When do you leave to get them? How will you be able to afford to do this?
I guess my answer to all is trust. Trusting it will be soon. Trusting in God and following His plan in our lives.
When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
In God, whose word I praise—
in God I trust and am not afraid.
What can mere flesh do to me? 
Psalm 56:3-4
So bring it on World!!!
 Give my minivan another ticket. Knock down all my fences. I am going to trust in the Lord. 
But, still might be a little sarcastic about it.


  1. Love following your journey...we were there just a short time ago.... I remember with our first adoption, someone telling me very early on to be ready for attacks from the devil.....and soon after the many visits to the mechanic, sick children, etc. etc. But God is so faithful.....and he has provided a way for two more children to come into our family. Praying for you all in your journey and excited to watch God move mountains!

    1. I know God has a plan, it was just an icky week. But I still have running water and food in my fridge, I know I have so many blessing. God always provides. I just do not like surprises. Thank you for your prayers and your kind thoughts. I am so blessed by you!

  2. I can't lie. The pic and caption when you're on your bike cracked me up!

  3. It may seem small in comparison to the fence and all, but I've run into the same problem with registration and parking tickets. You can appeal the ticket online at and provide a copy of your registration card which shows that it was registered before you got the ticket. It's a $10 fee to appeal, but a lot better than $83!!

    1. I took your advice and went to AAA and bought a new sticker for 20 dollars for my car then had the city sign off on it so the ticket was only 10. 30 is way better that 80 :) Thank you!