Sunday, July 20, 2014

dental visit


   I am a novice to this hosting experience, and the donation aspect has been and continues to be a struggle. However, I thank all those that have provided the many blessings to these orphan children. There experience here in San Diego, has been super sized because of everyone.  Just as our bank account is running low (embarrassing, but true), all of sudden a text message comes and states, hey my mom has a check for Yana and Alex. God is so good. The kids don't have to feel the pressure that Adam and I were beginning to worrying about.

The Dentist:  
  Something that is highly recommended of host parents by Children's Cultural Connection, the hosting non-profit organization that we are working through, is for the kiddos to receive dental exams/cleanings and vision tests.  We have been blessed by our own family dentist  whom we have been going to for the past 5 years and my own children love. I only made one phone call and they squeezed there exams and cleaning in the next week. 
  Alex was beyond nervous.  As I would front load him of the week ahead, he would say "NO Dentist, NO." I would laugh, pat him on the back and say in a calm, sweet voice, "it's not a choice, love." This happened almost daily, maybe he hoped my response would be different.
   I received a Facebook message from a friend I worked with a few years back, one who I don't talk to very often, but on Thursday she felt the need to message me. Alex's fear was becoming overwhelming at that point, he had began to withdraw into his room. "What can I pray for specifically?" she wrote. My reply, "the dentist visit tomorrow." 
  My last day of summer school was  Friday, and I was not able to attend the visit. Unfortunately, there will be three more appointments EACH. But, at least I will able to attend those and be a support for them. 
  I was getting updates while at work via text message from Adam.  
Alex is really nervous, waiting in the waiting room. Alex is getting better, they're taking him to get x-rays. Alex is so much better. We found out Alex is missing a molar. Alex is fine.  

  How is he just missing a molar?  "It bad tooth, no medicine," as he gestured with his fist, a yanking movement.  Wait, seriously, they pulled your tooth without anything? Gone. Completely. Empty space. No medicine? No wonder you hate the dentist! He explained that when he goes to the dentist at home, they look at his mouth and say...good, good, good, except one time bad. 
I was able to figure out which was the "bad" tooth the one "bad" time. 

  Dr. Marler and Dr. Cambell's staff were so amazing with both kids, as I knew they would be. They eased there worries, and helped them to trust. Both Yana and Alex have several cavities, and one possible molar root canal, we will have to wait and see. (and if that is the case we will have to see a specialist.) 
  They scheduled all the dental work for the next two weeks, (I am pretty sure some of the appointments are during the staff's lunch time). We will be spending lots of time there. 

The most amazing part...They are donating it all! 

Everything, from the goodness of their hearts. Thousands of dollars worth of work, several hours of time, multiple appointments, ALL FREE

What an amazing gift from God. 
Thank you, Thank you Dr. Marler & Dr. Campbell, you have blessed us and these children more than you will ever know. 

No longer are these two children alone, forgotten, abandoned. 
They are loved. 
So loved, by us, by God, by everyone who has met them. 

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