Monday, July 21, 2014

Our trooper

My girls are ALL girl. From barbies to dress up...they, satin, bejeweled little girls.

Yana, when she first came here tried to be so tough, she walked tough, didn't smile, and would turn away from any embrace.

Yana has not just come out of her shell, she exploded out of that shell! 
She is blending into this girly girly family, full of Cinderella, little people Princesses, and high clip clop heels.
 She has moved into the girls' room, clothes and everything, and now sleeps on the top bunk, rather than having her own room with a TV. She wakes up first and crawls in bed with Adam and I (desperate for touch and warmth, she lays her head on my chest and closes her eyes). She feeds and brushes the dogs without us even asking.  She 
leaves us at church to help in Lily or Elliot's 
Sunday school room during service. 
God has given her so much confidence in such a short time. She has truly grown because she now knows she is loved, by God and by us. 
Cuddling, screaming, singing, laughing so loud, this is Yana now. The tough, scared little girl from 4 weeks ago, would not even recognize this brave, confident girl. It is the best, and I feel truly blessed to have witnessed and continue to witness the transformation!

Alex has grown too, but he has not embraced the girl life style as much :(. 
Although we have tried to convert him, and will get the occasional tiara on his head for a split second. Or see him do a cute ballet turn when he thinks only the girls are watching. Or I will get a smile out of him when I offer a boa for him to wear for the tea party happening at our very own 
kitchen table.

Poor Alex, surrounded by girls. He is desperate for man time. Trips to Home Depot to help rebuild the fence with Adam. Trips to the circle park to play soccer. Beach with his friends from the orphanage that are also being hosted (and one who has 
recently been adopted). 
We even got TV last week, so he can occupy his time doing that. He watched soccer with my uncle and Adam, and WWE with, one because it is absolutely the worst show ever! 
(just my opinion). 

But does he ever complain? Never.
 He helps the girls put on their barbie's dresses. He changes the channel when Lily gets scared during Phinnies and Ferb. He fills up another water balloon for Elliot when she popped it in her lap. He switches otter-pop flavors with Yana, because she wanted the blue one. He plays tea party and 
pushes the girls on the swing. He is such a trooper.

On Tuesday night last week, I went to Micheal's Craft Store to buy t-shirts for my summer school students to make for the Field day we were 
having. I bought a couple extra for the girls to make creations, I ask Alex if he wanted one. He looked at me like, you have got to be joking..."Oh ya! I forgot, you are too cool" I said with a smile. We did purchase him a drawing notebook and some pencils because he loves to draw and he is quite good.

This is the first picture he drew with the drawing notebook, a picture for the girls and one he would hate me to share publicly.  But it's just too good!

Saturday night, the girls started to design their shirts... Using fabric crayons and computer paper, they drew whatever they wanted. Lily drew a princess and a squiggle design for the back. Yana designed a Spongebob t-shirt. And they have been wearing them almost everyday since.

When Alex actually saw what they were doing, he was intrigued..."I do?" 
"Sure, I can go get you a T-shirt." There was that look again, 
"No, not me, Lily and Elliot..." 
"OOOO, you want to make shirt for the girls, sure." 
Directed at Lily, Alex asked "I make Frozen shirt, Lily? Who? "
"Anna is my favorite."

Alex then disappeared for the night into his room. The next morning, he brought me the drawing..."you drew this? Oh my goodness, Alex this is amazing." Then there it was, a huge smile, so proud of his creation, and so excited I was proud of his effort. "Kim, you...." as he gestures iron with his hand. "Yes of course, let's do right after I get home from school and surprise Lily." 

We ironed on the drawing and he took it and ran into his room, Yana and I followed. He opened the closet where I keep the wrapping supplies and pulled out a dark pink bag with black velvet designs (very girly). And then he just through it in there...such a guy. I stopped him and showed him how to use the white tissue paper, as he responded,
 "America's Crazy." I laughed, he then took the camera off the desk and went down stairs with the present. He wanted me to take video.
The look on Lily's face was awesome, but the look on Alex's face was even better. One of pure joy. Him giving to my 5 year old daughter, his host sister made him happier than I have ever seen him. So cool.

Thank you God for both of these children. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet them and love them. I pray that you guide our path. Help us to be a light for them and to love in all circumstances.

"He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds...Great is our Lord, and mighty in power..."
Psalm 34:19

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